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120 примерни текстове на писма на английски език

В този файл са включени около 120 примерни текстове на писма на английски език, които Вие можете да използвате като образци във Вашата кореспонденция и да изменяте в зависимост от Вашите потребности с помощта на текстов редактор.
Всеки образец на писмо е записан като заглавие със съответниия номер .
Образците на писмата са разделени в следните девет раздела:

1. Уведомяване за получаване на писма. Писма, получени със закъснение:

2. Установяване (или възобновяване) на делови контакти:

3. Сътрудничество между учени:
Обсъждане на проблеми и резултати:

4. Публикации на научни трудове. Преписка с издателства:

5.Обсъждане на публикации. Дарствени надписи:

6. Участия в конференции. Делови срещи:
a) Заявка за участие - (62,63,64,65,66)
b) Заявка със закъснение - (67,68,69,70)
c) Покана за участие. Приемане. Отхвърляне - (71,72,73,74,75,76,77,78,79,80,81,82,83,84)

7. Командировки. Посещения:
a) Планирано пътуване - (85,86,87,88,89,90)
b) Срещи. Посещения - (91,92,93)
c) Резервиране на места в хотел - (94,95,96,97)
d) Приемане на чужденци - (98,99,L100,L101,L102)
e) Назначаване на делови срещи - (L103,L104,L105,L106)

8. Покани:
a) Неофициални - (107,108,109,110,111,113,114,115,116,117,118,119)
b) Официални - (120)

9. Поздравления:

Letter +1.
Dear Sir,
In reply to your letter of 7th Oct., 1986 we are pleased to tell you that arrangements have now been made for the...Journal to be sent to you exchange for...
We will ensure that you receive all numbers of the Journal as they become available as well as back volumes.
We trust that the exchange will prove of mutual interest.
Yours faithfully

Letter +2.
Dear Dr G.,
Thank you very much for your letter about our recent paper on...and for the enclosed reprints of your own work on the properties of...We have found it very stimulating. As you have pointed out little can be inferred from...data owing to the lack of experimental work on most of...
Still it is of interest to note that P. has recently satisfactorily analysed... His results certainly corroborate your conclusions.
Yours sincerely

Letter +3.
Dear Sir,
This is to confirm the Telex sent this morning according to the instructions of the Secretary General of our Association.
The text of the Telex reads as follows:...
Yours faithfully

Letter +4.
Dear Sir,
This is to acknowledge receipt of your letter of 5th May. We shall consider your suggestion and inform you in due course.
Yours faithfully

Letter +5.
Dear Professor N.,
This is just a short acknowledgment of your letter of 5th November. We shall study the points you have raised most carefully and write to you again.
Yours sincerely

Letter +6.
Dear John,
Thank you much for your letter which arrived this morning. This is just a brief note to say that we shall consider your suggestions at the next meeting of our association and let you know about the decision reached.
Yours sincerely

Letter +7.
Dear Professor N.,
Thank you very much for your letter of 15th June. I am sorry that my previous letter took so long to reach you. I think this must have been due to the fact that it was sent by surface mail instead of airmail. I am making sure that the present letter is posted to you by airmail. You should get it within a week or so.
Yes, indeed, all is ready here to receive you as Visiting Professor. We are all looking forward to making your personal acquaintance.
With kindest regards,
Yours sincerely

Letter +8.
Dear Professor F.,
My deepest apologies for not having replied to your last letter at an earlier date. I was away from my office during much of the month of March. I have left, however, instructions with my secretary who arranged for a copy of the monograph on...to be secured for you. We shall get it started on its way tomorrow.
Yours sincerely

Letter +9.
Dear Mrs D.
When I realize how long I have delayed in replying to your letter, I feel very much embarrassed. In both my personal and professional life I have been very busy and now I find - to my distress - that I have neglected important things. Please forgive me. As soon as things settle down a bit, I shall do all I can in the matter. And, of course, when the book on...comes out in English translation I shall make a point of sending it to you.
Best wishes.
Yours sincerely

Letter +10.
Dear Mr.L.,
It has been such a long time since I wrote to you. I meant to do so immediately on my arrival, but pressure on my time was so great that I have got behind with my correspondence.
There are not many things to report. You will be interested, however, to learn that there is a conference ahead of us. You will soon get a preliminary announcement. I do hope that your many commitments will not prevent you from attending.
Kindest regards
Yours sincerely

Letter +11.
Dear Lewis,
I was very happy to receive your letter, which came so promptly, and I thank you most sincerely for your greetings. I am only sorry that I have been so long in replying, but you will understand how much there is to do these days with the conference ahead of us. Time flies past ever so quickly and I just couldn't sit down to writing before now. We like to recall the day you visited us here and hope we shall have the pleasure again some day.
With kindest regards,

Letter +12.
Dear Sir,
I have duly received your letter of 9th of October. We are passing it on to the Department of...We understand they are engaged in a similar line of research. They will be delighted to contact you.
Yours truly

Letter +13.
Dear Dr K.,
Kindly excuse me for approaching you and seeking advise. As you may remember I am in charge of a project concerning...When we met last we discussed the possibility of cooperation. I wonder if you could pass this letter on to a worker in your group who would be willing to contact us? We should be most grateful for any suggestion of yours.
I am enclosing two reprints of my papers on the subject of...
With my personal regards,
Yours sincerely

Letter +14.
Dear Paul,
Yes, I certainly remember you. It has been a pleasant surprise when Dr. N. who gave us a lecture here the other day, brought a note from you. To think that I have been on close contact with Dr.N. for some time never realizing that you work in the same institute! And I have often spoken to my wife about you, wondering how are you getting on with your studies and research.
You can see from my address I am living in the center of Sofia now. What a pity you couldn't come with Dr.N. this time. You would have been most welcome here. I should have loved to introduce you to my family and make you meet my fellow-workers at the Institute. Be sure and come here sometime soon.
Dr.N. will have told you a short visit to Britain of a group of Bulgarian scientists is planned for next spring. If the trip comes off, I shall be delighted to look you up at the London address indicated in your letter. Anyhow, I shall make a point resumed contact.
With best wishes,
Yours sincerely

Letter +15.
Dear Sir,
I am in receipt of your circular letter on behalf of the International Union of..., requesting my cooperation in the preparation of the second edition of the International Directory of...
I gladly accept your offer and am awaiting further particulars.
Yours faithfully

Letter +16.
Dear Professor K.,
I have received your kind letter of 2nd October in which you refer to my paper on... . Thank you very much indeed for having gone through the manuscript. I gladly accept all your suggestions and will make the appropriate corrections and amendments.
Yours sincerely

Letter +17.
Dear Professor H.,
This is to inform you that I have heard from the Editor of the ... Journal. My paper on...is with them now. He reacts to it favorably and so does the referee. The appropriate committee, however, has still to give their stamp of approval, which the editor says he feels sure of. It means a lot to me. I wish to add that I am fully aware of your share in my success. Your kind words of encouragement have prompted me to try to publish the paper in the ... Journal.
Kindest regards,
Yours sincerely

Letter +18.
Dear Mr E.,
Thank you very much for your specimen copy of the ... Journal. I have read it with great interest. I am afraid, however, that it is concerned with a different type of articles from the one on ... I am writing now. Articles published in the ... Journal are supposed to be reviews of a particular region of research not for specialists in that field but for professional scientists in quite different disciplines as well as for undergraduate students of the subject in question. They are intended to provide information of a rather general character.
I shall try to publish it in one of the appropriate specialists reviews.
Needless to repeat that I am very grateful for your interest and also for the Journal you sent.
Yours sincerely

Letter +19.
Dear Kenneth,
I have just heard from the ... press. They declined to publish my book. I presume it was because of the delay between my first mentioning it to them and the sending of the revised edition. They might have published something similar in the meanwhile, or are just not enough interested in this line of research. I cannot blame them of course. I must try elsewhere or publish it in country in English to give it a wider circulation. For the moment I have nothing definite to go upon.
Nevertheless, I thank you very much for your interest in my book and all the trouble you have taken introducing me as you did to Mr D. of the ... Press.
Best regards to Nora and yourself.
Yours sincerely

Letter +20.
Dear Bob,
I am very glad that you accept my offer of sharing with me in the publication of the paper. Revised by you and supplemented by your data, the paper will present a fairly complete survey of the state of research in our field and will certainly be suitable for publication in the highly specialized review... .
I am looking forward to receiving your version of the paper.

Letter +21.
Dear Ralph,
There is one thing I want to add to my official letter of thanks for all the kindness extended to me at your Institute last week. I am expected to write a kind of report on my trip including the visit to your Institute. The report is to be published in our Bulletin. Since the responsibility of writing the report is among my first priorities of work and since my visits were both brief and very full, I am likely to make errors of judgement.
To check this, I am hoping to forward copies of my paper to persons who might appropriately correct me. Do you think I could possibly take advantage of your competence and kindness and send a copy to you for your critical comment? I should greatly appreciate your in this matter.
Many thanks in advance and kindest personal regards.
P.S. Could you possibly pay special attention to the appraisal of the results obtained in the experiments!

Letter +22.
Dear Herbert,
There is no doubt their book is timely and will come in handy. It is also concise and well presented. It suffers, however, from some defects that may detract from its value if they do not remove them in time. Quite a few are no minor mistakes.
I can see clearly now that they failed to emphasize the validity of... . More serious is their omission of any reference to the work going on at the ... Laboratory. That wouldn't do.
With regard to your own suggestion, in the first place you are right in pointing out that the quotation in Section ... is - to say the least of it - misleading. They had better leave it out entirely. In the second place the survey of .... is much too short and the description of the experiments in no way reflects the actual conditions in which they are being carried out.
On the other hand, Section ... does give a straightforward and accurate account of ..., which is a good thing. I quite agree that it is still far to go before the book can go to press, let alone see the light of day.
With my kindest regards,

Letter +23.
Dear Dr F.,
From recent literature I learned of your special interest in the experimental methods in ... . I should greatly appreciate receiving whatever papers you have available on the topic or related topics.
I enclose a book recently published by a team of workers in our Laboratory and should be only too pleased to provide reprints of papers describing experiments going in here, should you request any.
Kindest personal regards.
Yours sincerely

Letter +24.
Dear John,
We received the reprints of your paper a couple of days ago. We are delighted to have them and to learn more of your promising research and the theoretical premises. I was particularly interested to have your paper on ... and shall make a point of coming back to it at a later date.
Many thanks and kindest regards,

Letter +25.
Dear Dr T.,
Thank you very much indeed for supplying us through Dr O. of ... University with ... . Naturally, we shall duly inform you of the results obtained with it. We are very grateful for your understanding and kindness in the matter.
We shall soon write again.
Yours sincerely

Letter +26.
Dear Professor N.,
Thank you very much for your generosity in allowing me to take up some of your valuable time and discuss points of common interest.
Your work on ... aroused a great deal of interest here and I am quite sure that it will do the same at the meeting. It is really impressive advance in an entirely new field.
I shall be looking forward to hearing your paper at the ... meeting.
Yours sincerely

Letter +27.
Dear Dr L.,
Thank you most sincerely for all the many reprints you are sending me. I study your papers with great interest and so do my fellow-workers.
Our new apparatus has been working satisfactorily so far. I enclose a drawing which may be of interest to you. You may remember I was working on it when you visited us last summer.
I hope to have pleasure of seeing you again before long.
Yours sincerely

Letter +28.
Dear James,
Are you still deeply immersed in your work? What I mean is: are you ready to spare an hour or so for an interview with an old friend who wants very much to discuss a few points of common interest with you? I promise not to take up much of your time, just enough to allow him to peep into what is going on in the field. I must confess I am very deeply engrossed in promoting a new (if not entirely revolutionary) method in the area.
Looking forward to hearing from you at an early date.

Letter +29.
Dear Wallace,
I was thrilled to find your letter on my return from vacation. How interesting that your results should be so similar to mine obtained of course in different conditions. I certainly look forward to discussing them with you. We wondered for instance if you did any ... tests. And further, what sort of mechanism did you employ to make sure that no ... effect should alter the course of the experiment?
Best wishes.

Letter +30.
Dear Tim,
Thank you for another excellent collection of reprints. I am always delighted to see the progress that you and your group are making in the fascinating area you are studying.
We have had a very productive year here with Dr. L. being in the department, and among current projects we have been investigating the ... system to see if the same reactions are found there as for ... There appears to be no similarity whatsoever, and this is rather intriguing.
So much for our work. I shall be writing again when I find out if the trip to E. planned for next summer will come off after all. If it does, as I very much hope, I shall be delighted to look you up. Unfortunately C., where we are bound for, is rather a long way from your Department.
Best wishes.
Yours ever

Letter +31.
Dear Andrew,
It was a pleasure to have your letter. It is flattering that you should remember my comments on ... . I do happen to have a paper in draft-form concerned with the topic and I shall be pleased to send you a copy when it is in a somewhat better form. As to the problem of ... we discussed at X., I have given it much thought and am not very happy about some points. The test just doesn't work out.
With kindest regards,
Yours sincerely

Letter +32.
Dear Roger,
I am resuming our discussion at the point it was interrupted yesterday. I am ready to admit that a rather high percentage of the results obtained in the experiments have fallen below expectations. This, however, does not mean that we have been led along false paths. The technique is open to improvement and I hope we shall be soon in the position to eliminate most of the disturbing factors. Actually, the very deviations from the results predicted should help to give insight into how things work.
As things are, I don't dare to make any comments on the potential range of application of our theory. It is still far to go before we can make any serious surmise in this respect.
I see that I have gone to some length to pursue my argument. It is partly because I realize that yesterday I gave you rather disparate information on the work going on at our laboratory. We were pressed for time as you may remember trying as we did to squeeze the discussion into that short intermission.
I hope to see you again before you leave. By the end of the week I may have the reprints. I have not forgotten about them and will let you have them as soon as they are available.
Kindest regards and best wishes.
Yours sincerely

Letter +33.
Mr ... J.
Managing Director
The ... Press
Dear Mr. J.,
I have just heard from Mr T. who approached you in the matter of an English edition of my book on ... He informs me of your kind suggestion that I should send you on English summary of my book together with a copy of the original (Bulgarian) version. I am sending the book and the summary under separate cover.
I am very grateful to you for your interest.
Yours sincerely

Letter +34.
The Editor
... Journal
Dear Sir,
You will find enclosed the original (+2 carbon copies) of the MS of my paper "....".
I should be very happy if you could accept the paper for publication in your Journal.
Yours faithfully

Letter +35.
Dear Mr E.,
Allow me to refer to our correspondence a few weeks ago, regarding the possibility of publication of my book "..." by the Press.
In your last letter you pointed out that the initial comments with regard to my book were favorable and asked me to let you know when I have finished revising it.
The new version of my book is completed and, accordingly, I am going to submit the opening and the concluding chapters as well as the table of contents to you on approval.
I am very grateful indeed for your offer to arrange for an American edition of my book and for all your assistance and encouragement.
Kindest regards,
Yours sincerely

Letter +36.
Dear Mr D.,
This is only a quick note to say that I am sending the English version of my paper to you. I hope you will find the translation satisfactory.
Thank you very much for your assistance in the matter.
Yours sincerely

Letter +37.
Dear Mr T.,
I have just completed the revised version of my book on ..., which, in accordance with our previous correspondence on the subject, will bring more information on the problem of ...
Besides, Chapter ... has been virtually rewritten and the whole book brought up to date.
When it has been typed I will send it to you together with the drawings and plates.
Kindest regards.
Yours sincerely

Letter +38.
Dear Sir,
You will find enclosed the MS of my paper "..." in its abridged form to comply with your wish regarding its length. As the paper in question is only abridged and not revised I should be grateful if the original date as appearing in the first version of the paper, namely December 1st 19..., could be preserved so that the priority of the results described in the paper might be safeguarded.
As to your corrections of English I have accepted them all and made them accordingly.
I hope that in its present form the paper is acceptable for publication in your journal.
Yours faithfully

Letter +39.
Editorial Office
Dear Sir,
P a p e r e n t i t l e d "..........."
I have received your latter of 2nd Sept., in which you ask me to send you the fair copies of the diagrams for the paper of the above title. I did so on 27th Aug. and our letters must have crossed. I hope the diagrams have safely reached you by now.
Yours faithfully

Letter +40.
Assistant Editor
Dear Mr T.,
Thank you very much for your letter of 23rd Nov. Under separate cover I am sending you the required diagrams with lettering omitted. One of them, unfortunately, exceeds the dimensions prescribed by the notes for authors. Should any difficulties arise could you possibly use the original diagram which I had sent before?
I am looking forward to hearing from you further and I wish to thank you for all the trouble you are taking.
Yours sincerely

Letter +41.
Dear Sir,
I have received my paper No ... together with comments of the referees. I have duly considered the suggestions, which I find very reasonable and acceptable. I have made the appropriate amendments and sent off the manuscript editing under separate cover.
Yours faithfully

Letter +42.
The Assistant Editor
Dear Sir,
I am sending you the line drawings for my article entitled "...".
I have checked them carefully.
Yours faithfully

Letter +43.
Dear Sir,
I am returning under separate cover the galleys, which I have duly checked.
Yours faithfully

Letter +44.
My name is Jose A. Marso. I live in Cordoba and have long been a reader of your journal.
It is a source of information about the achievements of Soviet science of which we are often told in the local and national press.
My greatest interest lies in space studies and I would appreciate your further publications on the subject. Recently I heard over the radio and TV that researchers at the Crimean observatory have registered signals from other worlds. The news has moved me considerably and I would like to see material in this subject in your following issues and would also like to know more of the Crimean center.
I wish you much success, peace and happiness and thank you for the attention you have extended.
With respect,
Jose Angel Marso,

Letter +45.
Dear Jose Angel Marso,
Thank you for the most flattering reference to our work. We are planning to continue publications about Soviet space and hope you will find them interesting.
The information you have about extra-terrestrial signals registered at one of our observatories is not quite accurate, as it is related to a theoretical study by A. Arkhipov of the Radioastronomical Institute, Ukrainian Acad. Sc., in Kharkov. We have got in touch with him in connection with your letter and similar letters from other readers. His response you will find below. We must inform you that the Crimean Astrophysical Observatory of the USSR Academy of Sciences you mention is occupied in research entirely different from that in the Kharkov Institute and the two centers are not connected. You could have read of one of the discoveries made at the Crimean Observatory in an article by Acad. Severny A. (1913-1987) and Candidate of Sciences (Phys. & Math.), V. Kotov, in No 3, 1988.
Best regards

Letter +46.
Dear Editor,
We would be grateful to you if you could send us as much information as possible on the extra-terrestrial signals registered by Alexei Arkhipov, of the Radioastronomical Institute in Kharkov. If these signals can also be reserved in South America we could offer you assistance in your observations (the Radioastronomical Institute of Argentina has two 30-meter antennas)
Guillermo Lemargand,
Astrophysical Commission
Faculty of Exact and Natural
Sciences, Buenos Aires

Letter +47.
Dear sir,
I have great pleasure in presenting you with a copy of my book entitled "....." and recently published in English in Helsinki. If you found that the book might be reviewed in your Journal I should consider it an honour.
Yours faithfully
Inscription in the book presented:
With the compliments of the author or With the author's compliments.
On a printed card:
The ..... Institute
With the Compliments of the
Department of ....
address telephone

Letter +48.
Dear Ted,
Thank you very much indeed for the interest you have always taken in my book and for your offer to write a review of it.
I have genuine pleasure in sending you a review copy. Indeed I know of no one who would be more competent than you to review it.

Letter +49.
Dear Dr L.,
Thank you very much for your letter, which I read with the greatest interest, and for all the thoughts supplied. I am grateful for your well-meant words of criticism, for criticism from a specialist in the field such as you is very precious.
My letter is going to be a little longer than usual, for which I do apologize. I wish, however, to answer all points brought out by you.
Once again I wish to thank you very much for the pains you have taken to read my book. I am looking forward to hearing from you further.
Yours sincerely

Letter +50.
Dear Professor R.
I take great pleasure in acknowledging receipt of the review copy of your monograph sent to me by your publishers. I shall be delighted to review it in the ... Quarterly.
Yours sincerely

Letter +51.
Dear Dr. H.,
Thank you very much for the reprint of your paper on ... It is an excellent collection of applications and they illustrate the theory extremely well.
I understand you are preparing another one on the subject. I should greatly appreciate it.
Best wishes.
Yours sincerely

Letter +52.
Dear Dr L.,
I look forward to receiving the copy of your book and after I have read it through, I shall be happy to write to you again and exchange views on this fascinating problem.
Yours sincerely

Letter +53.
Dear Dr. A.,
I understand from an entry in the ... Journal that a team of authors (including yourself) are engaged in a major work concerned with the treatment of ...
We should be very grateful if you could kindly give us some particulars on the scope of your book as we are doing some research in this line in our laboratory.
Yours sincerely

Letter +54.
Dear Duncan,
I am very much interested in your article which appeared in the "Adventures in ..." This is really a most useful piece of work. As I shall be teaching in a course on ... later this year, I shall have a good opportunity of scrutinizing your conclusions. You will hear about it further.

Letter +55.
Dear John,
I was delighted to find your letter in my mail this morning and to have the reprint of your review article in the Annals. Although I have only had the opportunity to go through it rapidly, it is clearly of great interest both to me and to my colleagues. I shall certainly read it carefully.
Many thanks.

Letter +56.
Dear Fred,
You might be interested to know that your article published in ..., which I have been passing around to my colleagues, has aroused great interest. Many people are grateful to you for producing it.

Letter +57.
Dear George,
Congratulations on your book! It is a very comprehensive survey of all aspects of the subject and has a fresh and daring approach to the problems involved. And, moreover, it is thoroughly readable. It certainly does you credit!

Letter +58.
Dear Mr F.,
I can hardly say how grateful I am to you for your kind words of encouragement. As you may know. Section 4 of my study has been subjected to much adverse criticism on the grounds that in the arguments put forward I did not take into account the fact that ... Your appreciation of that very passage means a great deal to me.
Yours sincerely

Letter +59.
Dear Alexander,
May I draw your attention to a most interesting book? It was edited by ... and published by ..., and I suppose you can get hold of a copy quite easily.
As its title suggests, it is a collection of papers systematically covering the ... aspects of ... over the last few years. Special attention is paid to the application of ... to ...
Contributions are drawn from all the world including some from this country (all in English). The standard of writing is consistently high.

Letter +60.
Dear Patrick,
Thank you very much for the collection of articles on ... The volume is certainly impressive and will provide a reference compendium for workers in ... for many years to come.
Thanks once again and kindest regards
Yours sincerely

Letter +62.
Dear David,
Dr S. has told me that an international meeting of experimental and theoretical chemists in ... is planned for April 16th-18th next year. I would like to attend the meeting. Could you possibly let me know more about it so that I may make my plans accordingly? Many thanks.
Excuse this brief note. I am off to ..., where I am to attend a meeting of the ... Association.
Kindest regards.
Yours sincerely

Letter +63.
Dear Norman,
This is a hurried note. Is there any chance of your attending the International Conference of ... in ..., which I understand begins at the end of August? It looks as if I might be able to go. I wonder if you could let me know your personal plans for the summer. In case we could not meet at the Conference I might be able to arrange a quick visit to your place if I go to ... for the Conference.
I hope to hear from you soon.
Yours in haste

Letter +64.
Dear Dr J.,
I should like very much to attend your conference. I realize that we are now past the deadline for preliminary registration, but I hope that it is still possible to attend. If it is, please send at your earliest convenience information and the required registration forms.
Best regards.
Yours sincerely

Letter +65.
Dear Dr T.,
In my letter of April 10th I expressed my desire to attend the Conference, but have received no reply. I will look forward to receiving the necessary forms and any other information you have for Conference participants. Since I have not heard from you, I am writing today to inquire whether any such information is available yet and whether this is the correct address to write to with such a request.
Yours sincerely

Letter +66.
Dear Professor M.,
Recently I received the first announcement of ... from your colleague, Dr N. I would be interested in participating in this meeting and would like to propose giving a review paper on the topic of ... My group at ... has been very active particularly in the field of ... and we have published numerous papers during the past few years, You may also recall my correspondence with you some years ago when I was involved in ...
I am enclosing copies of reprints of my earlier work in ... I would appreciate it if you could provide me with a formal letter of invitation to participate in your Conference.
Kindest regards.
Yours sincerely

Letter +67.
Dear Dr A.,
I apologize for sending you the enclosed registration form at this late date, and I hope that you will be able to accept my registration nevertheless. The delay was caused by the vagueness of my plans for next month. They have now become definite and I find that I can participate in the Conference at that time.
Yours sincerely

Letter +68.
Dear Professor R.,
I am aware that my application is tardy; it is only recently that plans have changed in such a way as to make ... I am very sorry about the delay. However, it has been possible for me to formulate my plans with any certitude only recently.
I apologize for the tardiness and earnestly request that you take whatever action necessary to permit my attendance.
Kindest personal regards.
Yours sincerely

Letter +69.
Dear Professor H.,
Thank you for your letter of June 11th, informing me about the preparations for the Conference. I am very grateful for your kind invitation to cooperate with you on the Organizing Programme Committee, and I accept it with pleasure.
Best regards.
Yours sincerely

Letter +70.
Dear Dr N.,
I will indeed be most happy to attend your Conference and give a talk on the topic suggested by the Committee. I was very flattered by the interest of the Committee and will strive to fulfil their expectations. Thank you for conveying the invitation of the Committee.
With every good wish,
Yours sincerely

Letter +71.
Dear Professor M.,
I shall be very pleased to participate in the session chaired by Dr N. because it will give me an occasion not only to talk about the subject of my interest, but also to see many of my colleagues and friends.
I am uncertain, however, of the type of talk which you are requesting. Would you like me to present a review about some aspects of ... or a talk about my latest interest? In the former case, I am uncertain what topic would fit most readily into your programme: ..., or a review entitled ... if you prefer a more detailed talk about my most recent interest I will choose to speak about ... Please let me know which type of talk you would like me to present.
Yours sincerely

Letter +72.
Dear Dr N.,
I am very pleased to accept your invitation and it would be delightful for me to come to L.
It seems to me, however, that I would prefer to attend this meeting without delivering a paper. At the moment it is difficult to tell what the audience will be interested in hearing. I have worked in the past on ... More recently I have studied ... Much of my attention has recently been devoted to ... Would you, please, let me know whether you wish me present a formal communication.
Yours sincerely

Letter +73.
Dear Dr H.,
Thank you for the letter of March 16th, in which you ask me for a title of my presentation. I have discussed with Professor N. the choice of the title and suggest the following as most suitable ... I am sorry that I was amiss in not sending you the title of my paper in time, and I hope that the delay will not have inconvenienced you.
Best wishes for a most successful conference.
I am looking forward to a most interesting and
stimulating meeting.
Yours sincerely

Letter +74.
Dear Professor M.,
This is just to tell you how much pleased we are that you accept the invitation to the Conference in Varna in mid-August. Your work on ... stimulated a great deal of interest here and I am sure that it will do the same at the Conference. It is a really impressive advance in an entirely new field.
Plans for the Conference are progressing well. We are all very active in making arrangements. Reservations at present stand around 1000 with more still to come.
Yours sincerely

Letter +75.
Dear Dr. J.,
I am pleased and honoured by the invitation to participate in the conference on ..., which is to be held in ..., October 10-15, 19...
I must apologize for the slight delay in replying to your letter. I have just returned from Paris after a visit and did not have your address at hand. I did write, however, to Professor M., who is to be chairman of the session in which I was invited to present a paper.
I very much regret to say that it will not be possible for me to make any major trip autumn owing to bad health. The only thing I can do is send a few comments to Professor M. for him to use as he sees fit. Needless to emphasize that - were my health better - I should be delighted to attend your conference, which promises to be a great event.
Thank you once more for honoring me with your invitation.
With every good wish for the success of the conference.
Yours sincerely

Letter +76.
Dear Howard,
Thank you very much for your letter of 3rd May and the information on the coming conference in S. As the conference does not represent my main fields of interest and is only very remotely connected with the research my Institute is carrying out just now, I should find it very difficult to arrange finance for the trip. It would be easier for me to visit you while I am on study leave at the end of September. If this time is not convenient to you, please, let me know and I can perhaps arrange an alternative.
Best regards.

Letter +77.
Dear Daniel,
I regret to have to tell you that I shall not be able to attend the C. Conference after all. It has been changed from 4-11 Feb. to 7-14 Feb. and my paper has been scheduled for 13 Feb., on which date I shall have to be somewhere also owing to a previous arrangement, Still I hope I may see you at the M. Conference planned for mid-autumn. Do you intend to attend it? Drop me a card and let me know.
Best regards.

Letter +78.
Dear Dr. N.,
Thank you for your letter of March 16th and the kind invitation. The Meeting sounds quite exciting and I very much hope to be able to attend it.
I am in the process of preparing a review paper on ... and I am aware of your own important work on this subject. It would be very helpful to me if you could send me, where available, reprints of Xerox copies of your papers. I would also appreciate it if you would let me know of any yet unpublished work, which may be relevant for the paper. It would also be of great help to me if you could send me references to some of the other important works on this subject by Italian authors.
Thank you very much for your prompt consideration of the above request.
Please give my best regards to all of your colleagues.
With best wishes,
Yours sincerely

Letter +79.
Dear Professor F.,
I wonder if you are yet able to give an answer to our invitation to speak at the forthcoming Conference in Paris? We are hoping to include the names of all speakers on the main poster announcing the Conference which will be prepared shortly.
In case my letter of invitation went astray. I am enclosing a copy for your information. Needless to say, the Organizing and Programme Committees hope that you will feel able to accept our invitation.
May I have a prompt reply of your acceptance to attend the Conference and present a contributed paper.
With best wishes,
Yours sincerely

Letter +80.
Dear Dr H.,
Thank you for your letter and abstracts of the paper to be presented at the forthcoming Conference in ... The abstract will be considered with other at the next meeting of the Programme Committee and you will be notified by May whether or not your paper has been accepted for publication in the Conference Book of Abstracts.
Your abstract has been registered with the number ... valid till ... You will be informed if the number is changed after that date. In further correspondence, please refer to the registration number indicated in the upper right hand corner of the enclosed copy of your abstract.
Thank you for your interest in the Conference.
Yours sincerely

Letter +81.
Dear Dr. N.,
Please be advised that your abstract has been considered by the Programme Committee for the Conference, and was accepted for inclusion in the Conference Book of Abstracts, which entitles you to submitting the manuscript of the entire paper for publication in the Conference Proceedings.
It was also the Committee's decision that your paper shall be read by author in Session ... to be held on ..., and that you shall be asked to get prepared to answer the question related to the subject of your work during ... minute discussion period to be allotted to your paper.
It is hoped that you would appreciate that this decision represents no criticism of your work but has rather been made in an effort to accommodate a total of ... papers contributed to the Conference within the available time.
Instructions for preparation of your abstract in camera-ready form will be sent to you in ...
Thank you for your contribution to the conference.
Yours sincerely

Letter +82.
Dear Dr. F.,
The Programme Committee for ... Conference has reviewed the submitted papers. It was their decision that in view of the time available this paper could not be presented separately. They requested me to ask you if the more important results could be mentioned during the presentation of the paper.
I trust that you will give some consideration to this proposal.
Yours sincerely

Letter +83.
Dear Professor N.,
The Programme Committee for ... Conference has considered the submitted papers. It is with utmost regret that I must inform you that your paper was found unsuitable for presentation at the Conference. It is primarily concerned with ..., which is not regarded as a subject that can be properly included in the main topic of the Conference.
If you will permit personal suggestion, I feel that a paper on ... would be welcome at the conference on ..., which, to my knowledge, is being organized by France on ...
Yours sincerely

Letter +84.
Dear Dr N.,
I am very pleased to inform you that your abstract has been accepted for publication in the Conference Book of Abstracts and oral presentations (10 minutes including discussion).
Instructions for preparation of a camera-ready copy of the abstract will be sent to you in July.
We will shortly send you an author's kit with special mats so that typewritten camera-ready copy of your abstract may be submitted in advance of the Conference.
You will be pleased to learn that we had a total of ... papers submitted, from which selected for presentation are ... .
I would like to take this opportunity to remind you that you are to deliver a copy of your manuscript of the paper to the organizers no later than ... to qualify for publication in the proceedings.
Please note the change of the registration number of your paper.
We look forward to seeing you at the Conference.
Yours sincerely

Letter +85.
Dear Dr J.,
This is to tell you that my visit to ... is taking shape at last. I shall be free early in September and should be delighted to take advantage of your very kind offer to show me round various institutions should I stop in London. My only concern is that my visit should not inconvenience you at this time of year.
The regret at not having been able to see you when I was in London last year makes me anticipate all the more the pleasure of looking you up this time.
With kindest regards,
Yours sincerely
P.S. If anybody would care to hear something about our work here I should be pleased to talk about it.

Letter +86.
Dear Dr R.,
I was most grateful to receive your kind invitation to visit your laboratory at C. and spend a few days with you while in England. I should greatly welcome this opportunity. Unfortunately I am not going to attend the Congress. I have gone very carefully into the possibility of going to England but I most regretfully find it is impossible for me to stay away from my commitments this year.
If this could be done I should very much like to keep the invitation open and if another opportunity to go to England comes my way I shall write to you well in advance suggesting some possible dates.
I greatly enjoyed meeting you at O. last summer. I have heard very complimentary things said about your Laboratory and would consider it a privilege to visit it sometime in the near future. Many thanks again for your invitation.
Yours sincerely

Letter +87.
Dear Mr N.,
I am very sorry for the delay in answering your recent letter with its generous offer of hospitality. I am very grateful. The only trouble is that our plans cannot be made to the exact day. In all likelihood we would not get to England until around the first days of August. If this schedule should interrupt your vacation or upset other plans, please let us know and we will try to make other arrangements.
Many thanks and kindest regards.
Yours sincerely

Letter +88.
Dear Martin,
I have just received your note. Many thanks. I am very glad that the revised dates of our visit are more convenient to you than those we originally discussed. I quite realize that your schedule is very tight and we shall do our best not to interfere with your other engagements.
Yours sincerely

Letter +89.
Dear Dr H.,
Thank you very much for your letter and kind interest in my work. I shall be delighted to take advantage of your invitation to visit the Department of ... if my plan for study leave works out. Originally I had in mind going to the USSR sometime in the spring. There is a chance, however, that I might be able to attend a meeting of ... as early as February. It would be most convenient for me to visit your Institute before the meeting. If this time is not suitable to you, please let me know and I will try to arrange an alternative.
Once more thanks and best regards
Yours sincerely,
P.S. I have not come across Dr. D. yet, but hope to see him at the annual meeting of the ... Society next week. I left a note for him at this Institute to convey your regards.

Letter +90.
Dear Mr D.,
Many thanks for your letter. I do appreciate your kind interest and offer to help. I greatly avail myself of it as you will see from what follows. I intend to go to O. again this year, sometime in the summer. Could you possibly advise me about a reasonable hotel? Is there any difficulty in finding one? I should like to spend one complete week at O.
With regards,
Yours sincerely

Letter +91.
Dear Dr J.,
Many thanks for your kind letter of welcome. Let me only ask you not to trouble to arrange a special programme for me. I shall feel much more comfortable if I do not disturb your work. I am particularly interested in the findings or conclusions of research that have led to ...
I shall try to fit in a visit to some institution, concerned with ... and should be most grateful for any suggestion you might make in this respect.
I look forward to seeing you and your colleagues.
Yours sincerely

Letter +92.
The Secretary
... College
University of ...
Dear Sir,
I shall have the pleasure of visiting C. next month. As I am engaged in the study of ... I should be very grateful if I could fit in a visit to the laboratory of your College while at C. My stay at C. will be very short, unfortunately, and my schedule very full. I shall be free, however, on Monday 14 April (in the afternoon) and on the following Tuesday (in the morning). Could you possibly write to me and indicate when I could come without causing any undue inconvenience to anyone at College?
Thank you in advance for your kind attention
Yours faithfully

Letter +93.
Dear Jerome,
I shall be arriving in L. by air on Thursday 28 August and leaving in September by rail (not later than 5 September).
I shall be staying at the ... Hotel and the Conference will be held at ... College.
I hope that it will be possible for me to see you sometime during my stay. I should probably be free on the evening of Thursday 28 Aug. or in the afternoon of Saturday 30 Aug. I wonder if you could leave a message for me to pick up on arrival saying which time would be most convenient for you and giving me instructions as to how to get in touch with you?

Letter +94.
The Manager,
Mayfair Hotel,
Thames Road,
England SE 5 OAS
20th April 19..
Dear Sir,
I should like to book a single room with shower for the nights of Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, 5th, 6th and 7th May 19..
I hope to arrive at about 7 o'clock in the evening and would like to have a dinner.
Would you please let me know your current prices.
Yours faithfully

Letter +95.
The Manager,
Mayfair Hotel,
Thames Road,
England SE 5 OAS
1st May 19..
Dear Sir,
Thank you for your letter of 27th April.
Unfortunately, my plans have been changed and I should be glad if you could alter my booking for a week later, that is, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, 12th, 13th and 14th May 19..
I apologize for this alteration and hope you still have vacancies for the later days.
Yours faithfully

Letter +96.
Dear Barbara,
A lady named Jane (no one uses surnames any more!) took the phone reservation. The hotel would like to know the time of arrival. We don't have a car, so meeting you at the airport is tricky (apart from which, I notice it's a work-day). A taxi from the airport costs USD15-USD17, or there is an airport bus at USD4 a head, which will leave you near the hotel.
My phone numbers: home (212 area code) 758 6523, office - 567 2269 (area code 401 from outside New York). Let me know, what time you are coming in. If it's not late at night, count on having dinner with us.
Very much looking forward to seeing you.

Letter +97.
Dear Greg,
I am writing to introduce a friend of mine. His name is Masao Tanaka, but we call him Max. Max is studying business administration in the university here, and he plans to be in New York during the Christmas holidays. Perhaps you can introduce him to some friends of yours and tell him what to see in New York. He will really appreciate it, and so will I.
Have a good holiday, and write me when you have time.

Letter +98.
Dear Sir,
This is to inform you that in accordance with your wishes we have made a hotel reservation for you at the ... Hotel for the night of 12 September.
Yours faithfully

Letter +99.
Dear Dr F.,
We are pleased to let you know that we have been able to book a single room in the Student Hostel at the rate of ... per night. The hostel is within walking distance of the Institute you want to visit.
Dr K. suggests that you should call at ... on the afternoon of Friday, 20 July. He will be there to welcome you and show you round the Institute. We are all anxious to meet you and act as guides in Sofia.
Yours sincerely

Letter +100.
Dear Mr T.,
Having been away from the Institute I have received your letter with some delay. I am indeed very sorry that you cannot stay longer in M. since it would be both a privilege and a pleasure to entertain you here and to convey you by car to places of interest. As it is, I am not coming back to M. until you have left, which I greatly regret.
In case you have not made your arrangements yet, and would care to see some people or visit some institutions as I gather from your letter, I suggest you should approach Dr K., who I am sure will be delighted to meet you and who may have much in common with you (being engaged in the research into ...). I have not tried to make any definite arrangements myself, since I do not know what engagements you already have in M. and how much you are committed to the Conference. I trust Dr K. will do his best to be helpful. I have written to him about your visit to M.
I do hope that you will enjoy your stay in this country.
With my best wishes,
Yours sincerely

Letter +101.
Dear Dr T.,
From a letter I got today from X. I gather that you are likely to come to these parts sometime soon. If you stop at ... it will be my privilege to entertain you. Just drop a word or send a wire.
All the best for now.
Yours sincerely

Letter +102.
Dear Don,
Professor N., who is with us in M. now, has told me that you are coming to M. to attend the Conference on ... from 20th-24th May. We should be happy to have you with us for the weekend following the Conference (i.e. Saturday and Sunday, 26th-27th May). We shall ask Professor N. to join us too. He will be delighted to see you again.
Would you have other plans for the weekend in question, let us know and we should try and make arrangements that would suit you better.
We hope you will have a very good journey and look forward to seeing you in M.
Yours sincerely
P.S. Ring me up please any afternoon. I shall be at home from about 5 p.m. every day.

Letter +103.
Mr A. Johnson,
Sales Manager,
Quadco Factory Ltd.,
Coventry Road,
Market Highing,
West Midlands EG 7 2TH 5th May 19..
Dear Mr Johnson,
I represent the Institute of ... and I would like to talk to you about ... . I shall be in Birmingham for a week and would like to see you. Would Wednesday, 12th May, at 11.00 be convenient ?
I shall be at this hotel (...) all week and a message or letter will reach me here.
Yours sincerely

Letter +104.
The Sales Manager,
Jones and Son,
193 East High Street,
London E 17 9 ST 11th October 19..
Dear Sir,
I come from the Institute of ... in ... and I will be in London from next Tuesday to Friday (18th - 21st October). I should like to call on you to discuss the problem of ... Would 09.30 on Wednesday, 19th October be convenient ?
I shall be in Birmingham, at Altion Hotel, from Wednesday, 12th October, until Monday (17th), and a message there will reach me. If the day or the time is not convenient, will you please suggest another.
I look forward to hearing from you
Yours faithfully

Letter +105.
Dear Mr. K.,
Thank you for your letter.
I shall be very pleased to see you and discuss the problem of ... I am afraid I cannot manage 9.30 a.m. on Wednesday but I could manage 9.30 a.m. on Thursday, 20th October. I hope this will be convenient for you.
I look forward to meeting you.
Yours sincerely

Letter +106.
Dear John,
I shall be in Hodgeston on Wednesday, 20th June, and should like to call on you at 2.30 p.m. on that day.
If I do not hear you to the contrary, I shall assume that it will be convenient for me to call at that time.

Letter +107.
Dear Miss H.,
I should be very pleased if you would come to tea with me next Thursday at 4 o'clock.
Yours sincerely
Dear Mrs N.,
Thank you ever so much for your kind invitation to tea on Thursday, 5th November. I shall be delighted to come.
Yours sincerely
Dear Jim,
Thank you very much for your kind invitation. I shall very much like to come. I'll be over at about 4 p.m.
Dear Miss H.,
I am so sorry that I have to ask if you can come to tea on Friday this week instead of tomorrow, as I have just heard that I shall have to leave for the day. If you can come on Friday, as I hope you can, this needs no answer.
Yours sincerely
Dear Jim,
Many thanks for your kind invitation. I am afraid I shall not be able to come as there is a lecture at .... C. I shall have to attend. I very much regret it.

Letter +108.
Dear Miss M.,
I was delighted to get that note of yours. It would be lovely, of course, if you could drive over one afternoon next week, as you suggest. My friends, the Shorts, who have kindly put me up for a week, would be very pleased to meet you. I am free any afternoon next week but would prefer it not to be Thursday. I would be pleased if you could give a ring when you get this letter. I have tried to reach you by phone but you were not in and I would hate to disturb your mother by repeated calls.
I am looking forward to your visit very much. It is good to be in E. again and see friends such as you.
Yours sincerely

Letter +109.
Dear Mrs Brown,
Richard and I would be very pleased if you and your husband could join us for dinner on Thursday, January 9th at 7.30 p.m. A friend of ours, Mr K., will be with us. He is going out to Italy and would very much like to hear of your experiences there.
Yours sincerely

Letter +110.
Dear Mrs K.,
Thank you very much for your kind invitation to dinner on Thursday, Jan. 9th. Both my husband and I accept it with great pleasure, and Jack will bring along some colour photographs which he took in Italy. We look forward to meeting Mr K.
Yours sincerely

Letter +111.
Dear Mrs. R.,
Thank you so much for your kind invitation to dinner on Thursday, Jan. 9th. Unfortunately, Jack is away on business in E. and will not be returning until Saturday and so we are unable to accept. I am sure he will be sorry as I am to miss the pleasure of dining with you and meeting Mr K.
Yours sincerely

Letter +113.
Dear Jack,
We are having a bit of party next Wednesday, the 6th, and I hope you and Ann are free on that evening and can come and join us, say about eight o'clock. There will be about a dozen of us-all people that you know. I do hope you can manage it.
Yours always

Letter +114.
My dear Bill,
Thank you for the invitation to your party on the 6th. Ann and I will be delighted to come. It seems ages since I saw you and I'm looking forward to a good old chat with you.
All the best,

Letter +115.
My dear Bill,
Thank you for the invitation to your party on the 6th. We'd have loved to come but I have booked three seats for My Fair Lady for the 6th. Isn't it bad luck? I was saying to Ann only a day or two ago what time it was since we saw Angela and you. I'll give you a ring sometime next week and we must fix up to have dinner together.
Give our kindest regards to Angela.
Yours ever,

Letter +116.
Dear Peter,
I wonder if you are free to come and spend the weekend, June 5th to 7th with us here. It is so long since we saw you and we are dying to hear about your experiences in Italy. There will be no one here except Roger and you and me so we can have a real good talk together, and hear some Chopin on the piano again. I do hope you can come. Roger can meet the 12.45 from Victoria, which arrives here at 3.20: that's your best train.
Looking forward very much to seeing you.
Yours sincerely

Letter +117.
Dear Miss L.,
Thank you very much for the wonderful weekend we had the privilege of spending in your company.
The lovely drive to N., the afternoon spent in your garden, together with your warm hospitality shall never be forgotten.
Yours sincerely

Letter +118.
Dear Miss F.,
This is to thank you again for the memorable evening we had the pleasure of spending at your house. We have thoroughly enjoyed it.
Yours sincerely

Letter +119.
35, Manor Road
30th August
Dear Bob,
I'm just writing to let you know our address and to invite you to our house-warming party next Saturday. I'm sorry about the lack of warning, but we've been busy moving house and I've had little time for anything else. In any case we only decided to hold the party last week when we found out that the cost of moving was not as high as had reckoned and that we had a little cash to spare.
We moved in here two days ago we've been working non-stop ever since. This evening we decided to have a few hours rest, so I'm writing a few invitations to some friends. You can do the trip from Oxford to Portsmouth in two hours now the motoring is open. Harpole is rather difficult to find though, because it's a new housing estate and few people know where it is. Give us a ring when you are in the area, and I'll give detailed directions to you then.
Barbara and I hope You can make it in spite of the short notice.
All the best,
P.S. We can fix you up with a place to sleep. I imagine you can put up which a mattress on the floor!

Letter +120.
Professor and Mrs Lang
request the pleasure of the company of
Mr and Mrs Priestly
on the occasion of the marriage of their daughter
Mr Jan Solski
at St. Peter's Church, Oxbridge,
on Saturday, 2nd September, at 2.30 p.m.
and to the reception afterwards at the Royal Hotel
___25 The Parks

Letter +121.
Dear Professor K.,
I have just heard from Dr L. of the distinction conferred upon you. Allow me to join your numerous friends in offering you congratulations and best wishes and to say - what other have said before - that no one deserves the tribute better than you.
Yours sincerely

Letter +122.
Dear Robert,
This is to bring you my warmest greetings and congratulations on your recent promotion. I hope very much that your new duties will allow you to continue your variable contribution to....science.

Letter +123.
Dear Victor,
We are sending you our warmest congratulations on the awarding of your...Degree and all good wishes of personal satisfaction.

Letter +124.
Dear Edgar,
It gave me much pleasure to hear of your success. Allow me to congratulate you on behalf of my Institute and myself.

Letter +125.
Dear Professor N.,
I have the pleasure in conveying to you on behalf of our Department and in my own name our warmest congratulations upon the occasion of the 50th anniversary of your birthday. Your life-long devotion to science, your personal qualities have set an example to the coming generations.
We are sending you every good wish of personal well-being and further success in scientific work.
Yours sincerely

Letter +126.
Dear Robert, I am writing to you to send you and all your family my New Year greetings and best wishes for the coming New Year.
I wish all of you good health, happiness and success in all your endeavors.

Letter +127.
Dear David,
Thank you very much for your Christmas card. I hope you got mine. I'm afraid I sent it to an old address. It may be delayed. Once again, my very best wishes for the coming year.

Letter +128.
Dear Allen,
I was very glad to hear of your forthcoming marriage and wish you and your fiancee much happiness.